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Перевод текста песни Москва любит...

Исполнитель: Скриптонит
Название: Москва любит...
Wet asphalt, gray face
You'll find everything you need
Love or treasure in the depths of the woods
Only the lipstick has worn off
Ceiling-Starfall, palitsyna temple
Eyes gathered together
Tomorrow again wet asphalt, serialize
There are only clouds above you
You can't find the sun in the daytime
Now only the bottom - your hut and bed (after all, your life)
After all, your life is not a notebook, but only a common notebook
(there's so much) everything your mother can't hear (Yes)
Moms love fairy tales, girls love to fly
They suck it off like it's a medal
Yes, after all, Moscow loves ecstasy, students and fantasy
You're a missing person in an imaginary business
"Coco", on ti Genesis, Hennessey't drop all
Your concept of conscience was on the tip of my penis
Give everyone money if you know where the bags are
For Breakfast, I ate their level, and your lot,..., seeds
Chicks are not girls, boys are not boys
Bags are not t-shirts, ... deceptive
... deceptive, I don't believe anyone
Palo in your mouth, Palo-Palo in your mouth
Uselessly... for food, when more appetite
When the flask only whistles, not blows their heads off
I don't care how many skins there were with them (Woo)
If half of small, half of blue (Wu)
Moroccan train, two slaves without bikinis (Wu)
Heart hidden in the safe, volume in the middle (Wu, Wu)
Fresh were on Dima, those with experience on an ice floe (Wu)
Two of the five lines did not end in Rome
No pride, no hopes and chances (Woo, Woo)
There's nothing in this hole but dancing, m-m (Woo, Woo)
Yes, after all, Moscow loves the poor and likes to make them poorer (Wu)
Do you believe in miracles? M-m ... the idea (Wu)
Selling weights is hardly an idea for you
You would have sold your ass, but you didn't find the keys
Pink washed all your calcium, the tooth fairy came to you
The beautiful lyba, bent fingers, in the district not to find a moron newer, the periphery
All your Vip peripherals
Here " Salam alaikum! ", there " virgin Mary! "
You salamaleikum without anesthesia, (Yes) everyone ... thought he was the Messiah (Yes)
Each... I knew that he was younger, I thought that this is faster and smarter (so, so)
Not every ghoul can be seen by the face, and, you know, it looks like
You seriously keep their scribbled in the Bank? (seriously? )
In my Bank "AK", "bablgam", "lemon", " amnesia"
I saw Moscow were taken, I heard: "Moscow is not Russia"
In the daytime, you won't find the sun
Now only the bottom - your hut and bed
In the daytime, you won't find the sun
Now only the bottom - your hut and bed
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