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Перевод текста песни Грязь

Исполнитель: Oxxxymiron
Название: Грязь
- Listen, friend, could you finally release something good and come to us already in Ufa, finally? We... waiting for you, really. Hurry up, please! Hurry up a little! You're responsible for those you've tamed, right? Here, don't give up your position. Hugged
Rap has returned to the level of the "padik demo" of the two thousandth
That's the price when it's quiet for a long time
Clothes with Dazed and id will not replace the verse, as well as the tsatki from Tsum'a
"Turn off the autotune, show the text"
That's what I thought when
You see the game, on such a long stretch
Groundhog Day, bro, beef, joint
The constant appears
Not with Mitya Slovetsky, now Nurminsky
Earlier, Seryozha is a Local - everything will repeat itself, disappearing
That's when there was another country
20 rubles. for a buck, a barrel for a hundred
There are no amendments
The struggle for power in rap, so that the genre changes format
But now it's like freestyle when there's a fire
Waves of hysteria, battle of the industry, revenue, streams
I was before and I will be after the bubble bursts
Tracks in one or two phrases maximize profits
But I don't need a fan base with the attention of goldfish
Hey! Your Iq, judging by the view - kinda cute
It would be better to be silent - I love riddles
I'm looking from your boo at the "Sunset" of ...
It is spiritual, but flat
It is called the Ouija board
The whole club culture? Well, this
Used to be a Mutabor in a Bachelor Party, now a bachelor party in a Mutabor
I was asked: "Why is there no gangsta in Russian rap? "
But gangsta in Russia is the prerogative of the state
Majors made me laugh by bidding
From lyam bucks for the album, but I'm not so impoverished
Not so stupid yet to take advances
Labels are banks
You tried, after all... a Jew?
Naive amateurs
I put smears on the sheets
Your style is when you have playlists up to ...
You can't buy taste on cash, my son
"Is this a Swiss watch? You're a star! "
I only have Swiss accounts
Stores are scamming hypebeists
Mc look like rich Chinese tourists
Gucci fashion is as old as Methuselah
But everything is in red and green, like I'm a ...
Lines of the monumental high - rise on the Barricade
They say: "Battles are dead", well, yes, while I'm not fighting, they
relaxed a little, the epoch is reset, praying
And I am a healing mud of pure profit
Ha ha ha
I am transferring my authority
I was rolling verses in the mud
After hanging hooks on them
I dug deep into my chest with a knife
Where did my evil doppelganger sharpen the skill out of longing
This bit..., so I killed him
I smacked my psychedelic flow right in the forehead
To be honest, everyone... how much does your stuff cost
You'd better reveal to us what you've hidden inside
But to be honest, I... what did you hide inside
The sun is stroking new buildings, somewhere in the East
You are standing in your beloved country: either in a pose or in a stand
"And you're a rap legend, because your track went viral in Tiktok! "
In the Insta, the signature is: "Art is like this", not for, and not against
Find me in the haystack of this media noise
Grishin shooter will get to me faster than you will go through my style (haha)
Yeah, there's a dirty rhyme story here
I represent my native land
Vyatka Lyrical Terrorist
The choice is to make game, straight fierce dirt-dirt, hey
Either do dirt, but not just dirt at all, hey
The choice is to make game, straight fierce dirt-dirt
Or do tin-dirt, but not just dirt at all, hey
The choice is to make game, straight fierce dirt-dirt, hey
Either do dirt, but not just dirt at all, hey
The choice is to make game, straight fierce dirt-dirt
Or do tin-dirt, but not just dirt at all, hey
Ha ha ha, why is that sometimes?
Очень часто можно встретить другое название этой песни Oxxxymiron - Выбор - делать дичь, прям лютую грязь-грязь.

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Офигенная песня Грязь, крутая метафора, стильный клип, волшебный голос Oxxxymiron
Гениальные произведения у Oxxxymiron
почему крутую музыку пишут, а мы ее не слышым… хорошо Грязь не пропустил!!
Люблю больше жизни Oxxxymiron
Гениальная песня Грязь, столько ее пою, и так и не надоедает.

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