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Текст песни Teach Me How to Dougie
Cali Swag District

Исполнитель: Cali Swag District
Название: Teach Me How to Dougie
(j. D. you need to stop! )
You know what this need (this need me)
You know what this need (this need me)
Uh, I drop this in the club when I be Dj'n
From left to right, everybody start swaying
I be, I be seeing girls tapping ... on the shoulder, saying
"Teach me how to dougie, teach me, teach me how to dougie"
Then I pull it back, start it from the top, and all the bitches love me
I'm the 24-hour stunner roadrunner ..., can't catch me
Get green like Bill Bexby, damn I mean Bixby
Stay in the 6-speed, my corner in the club is where the fucking chicks be
And the flicks be, popping like the red carpet
That California swag with a little college-park shit
Fat ass, small waist, lil' Cali-park chick
Came up to me, came-came up to me and said
"Teach me how to dougie, teach me, teach me how to dougie"
If you really wanna know, then girl you gotta go to D-town
"Teach me how to dougie, teach me, teach me how to dougie"
But until then shawty, check me, check me out now
Everybody love me
Every-everybody love me
Everybody love me
You ain't messing with my dougie
(remix! )
They be like "Smoove, you know you gotta rip on the remix"
I'm telling these guards, "better work on your defense"
I'm Kobe in the clutch, you other ... suck
And I'm no B. Jennings, getting Milwaukee Bucks!
What's the deal? I'm fresh like dougie and I keep getting pussy
Cause all my bitches love me
And my swag bring em' in ... not my money
It ain't tricking if you got it but I am no dummy
Ay, they be like B. o. B, (what? ) "how you do that in Atlanta? " (yes)
She said she like my dougie now she jigging off my grammar
Well basically she got it down and dirty like Dianna
I got the Cali puff, you can't find that in Atlanta
I hit her with that flex till she getting preg
You heard what I said, hit her with a test, then she know what's next
I teach ya how to dougie, teach ya how to swag walk
I ain't talking about that swag that come in a plastic bag (oh no)
This is ain't a infomercial, this does not come with a tag
I'll take the game, beat it up, and leave it on this bag
B. o. B. up on this track, in a Jason mask, so I'm finna hack
Everything in sight, nothing's left in tact
I'm, stuck to the seat with no seat-belt
Don't worry about me cause I don't need help
Ride around down A-town up 85 with a phone on my hip
Everybody love me
Every-everybody love me
Everybody love me
You ain't messing with my dougie
Had to remix it, cause I didn't mention
Me and M-bone been taking down video vixens
007 boys, we be on missions
He gonna teach 'em how to dougie
I'mma make 'em do the dishes
Fuck these ..., my palm itches
I get money, do good business
Teach em' how to dougie, God as my witness
Everybody dancing, and everybody listen (ay! )
(6 minutes)
My dougie so fresh, I keep a bunch of fly misses
They all let me cut, no butterfly stitches
Fresher than Febreze, in the major league
Yes I'm the shit, though I do attract fleas
Everyday I pop tags, I'm a fly motherfucker
I don't even drive, I'm so fly motherfucker
Big ole ass, body like Serena
Make it, make it go back and forth, is your name Aaliyah now
Everybody love me
Every-everybody love me
Everybody love me
You ain't messing with my dougie
Okay, my swagger on flight, my dougie so fresh
Kill it dancing, now I'm on like wings on a jet
Shucks, we brought it to the hood, like a brand new set
Cali what I rep got the game by the neck
Something like a necklace, shout-out to Dallas, Texas
They taught me this dance, now these hoes cooking me breakfast
D-town boogie, with a little Cali spin
Remix on the track, you know we had to get it in
Mr. Murk-a-verse, killa remixes
Young Bow Wizzle with that Cali Swag District
Backpack on, snap-back on
Modern day Ll, girls can't leave him alone
Phantom two-tone, money too grown
If I stood on my wallet, I'd be 8 feet tall
Stelly Phel turn it up, I'm about to burn it up
Smoking on that Cali good got a ... high as fuck
(what it is! )
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Отзывы о песне Cali Swag District - Teach Me How to Dougie

Поклонница Cali Swag District
А, кстати, никто случайно не знает, что за песня со словами Lay me down??
Ответ: Часто ее слушаю, поэтому знаю, что это песня Florence + The Machine What The Water Gave Me
Настоящий поклонник Cali Swag District
хотелось бы побольше таких песен! Cali Swag District в том числе!
Ору в караоке только Cali Swag District
Очень красивый клип Cali Swag District И песня Teach Me How to Dougie тоже, естественно!
Почитатель таланта Cali Swag District
Голос и харизма Cali Swag District - это нечто конечно, столько драйва, столько энергетики.

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