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Перевод текста песни 5 Nights Crazy
Big Baby Tape & kizaru

Исполнитель: Big Baby Tape & kizaru
Название: 5 Nights Crazy
Ay, ay, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Two sluts with me (yeah), two sluts with me, hey, hey (ha)
I have two sluts with me, yes, with the same names (yeah)
I'll make a wish when, I'll be between you (you)
I'll make a wish wraith, with new keys (ay)
Groups and glasses, what we do at night (ay)
I spent five nights and five days (five days) on zanah
I'm not calling you, but it's okay with me (okay)
I drop the bars, I don't think about her (yeah)
I have this ice on me make me colder
Five nights and five days (a-a), days, days (a-a), days
Five nights and five days (a-a), days, days (a-a), days
I have three sluts with me, they are wearing different outfits (role play)
No riddles, ho, it's not a charade (nope)
One is playing with ..., the others with these balls (goddamn)
We have a bunch of schmali (smoke), you have a bunch of trash (fake)
Dropped a hit, I typed another shmoney (uh-hey)
Not..., yes, I know you were waiting (waiting)
Stand still my homie on the dagger (oops)
Five nights long eternity on the block (yes, sirski)
How they moaned (ugh), how they screamed
We played on these... as if on Atari
I was playing this... like a guitar
Brains on the sidewalk, two Glocks in the inventory
I carried a bunch of dope (yes), right into the planetarium (what?)
I can't hear him, he's an ordinary proletarian (shut up)
Big Baby is with me, so crime is paired (oh-yes)
Five nights, five days, oh yeah, we're in total trash (hey)
Five nights and five days (hey), days (hey), days (hey)
Five nights and five days (hey), days (hey), days
Five nights and five days (hey), days (hey), days
Yes, I need a hotel, we will stay in it
Damn (damn), five nights and five days, I'm ready to do it all day (all day)
All day (all day), all day (all day), all day (all day), all day (all day), all day (all day), all day (all day), all day (gr-r-ra)
Bruliki - Spike Lee, karate beat - Bruce Lee (ho)
In the morning I eat perk'i, I don't have breakfast muesli (be)
On the floor D'ussy, after molly sad
I'm shining..., they're shining dimly (yeah)
Hey, round two, round two
Yes, I'm so... that opp bazars on me (hey)
I'll throw this strap or two on him (br-r-r)
Hey, white, what's up? White, how are you? (pu)
Beep beep, give me the keys to my jeep
Yes, I stand..., I only wear designer-shit
If you really..., be her, don't pretend
Five nights, five days King Benzo does not sleep (benzo-o)

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