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Ледники translation of lyrics

English translation of Ледники by Plastика
Over thee
Tons of ice erase the memory of bird flocks,
The creaking of the concrete piles.
How much are
The evil of war? Burning gunpowder in the pockets
Not scattered,
White belt.
Fast train through the tunnel carries a dream,
Who will save me?
Open the door,
Remember your fear
On the wrist,
He will forgive the bad weather,
Happiness does not avenge me!
Being an outcast
Easier than the shoulders of a glacier to keep,
Or put out the fire.
To the mountains to fight.
Jump with God,
Don't look up, nerve's broken
Constellations'. The buds of the willows
Creeping like a shadow
The last kiss,
Not finding another.
Ice bullets,
Not wake,
Don't whine, puppy,
Now we are the ice of the Earth!
And at the last moment
He soared like a bird,
Sky enjoy
He didn't dare take a deep breath.
And as the glare of the sun
The rain washed away the breath.
Worship the sky
To say goodbye managed.
And not melt glaciers,
Love and hate fused.
I'm flipping through diaries -
curved lines are needed.

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