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First Date translation of lyrics
Danko Jones

English translation of First Date by Danko Jones
"Heyyyyy, do you kiss on the first date?"
'cause I do, do you do, what I do, and with you, if you do, what you do,
Would I do
"Well hello baby, you look so hot tonight! Can I hold your hand? Oh thank you!
Now this is what were gonna do on our date today! Were gonna do all the
Things all the couples like to do. Were gonna go to a movie, were gonna have
Some dinner, take a walk, look at the moonlight, anything you want,
But baby I got a question"
"Do you kiss on the first date?"
"Heyyyyy, lets do it on the first date!"
"Heyyyyy, what do you do on the first date?"
"Heyyyyy, do you kiss on the first date?"
'cause I do, 'cause I do, 'cause I do, 'cause I do, 'cause I do, 'cause I do

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